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Schiltach- Black Forest

Schiltach- Black Forest

Schiltach – A Postcard Perfect Village in Southern
Schiltach is a small town and is considered to be a part of the city Rottweil in Baden Württemberg,

Surrounded by idyllic wooded mountains, is located in the upper Kinzig Valley in the  Black Forest and was first recognized as a small village in

With its well preserved half timbered houses, cobblestone streets and the vibrant facades along the river, it is no wonder that Schiltach, although
small, is one of the most famous and beautiful old villages in the Black Forest.

The whole medieval inner city or Old Town as we call it, is under monument protection. This includes a centuries old fountain, the town hall (which was
designed by the famous architect Heinrich Schickhardt and built during the Kingdom of Württemberg in 1590), as well as many half-timber houses that dates back to anywhere between the
16th and 19th centuries.

It is also noteworthy to mention the feeling one gets while walking through the Old Town, its as if one is walking in a romantic storybook from the past which also happens to acts
as the main backdrop for the many traditional markets and festivals in Schiltach till today.
Frequently visited by tourists, the city is not just known and loved for its half timber houses and medieval flair.

It is also equally famous amongst hikers with its many alleys and corners to explore and is the gateway to the Black Forest Central/ North Nature Park.
Despite its rural location, Schiltach was also rich in its history as an industrial base with several international well known companies from before.
Schiltach has had several textile mills and tanneries back in the day.

Before the Kinzig Valley Railway was built, there was also a timber rafting, which unfortunately then had to close because of the Railway.

The wood from Schiltach and its surroundings were also used for ship building in the Netherlands and used to be shipped through the Rhine.

Although most of these companies and branches of industries no longer exist today, the famous tannery Trautwein and some other saw mills has managed to still keep going and is even
opened for a visit.
A living piece of the Black Forest History, the town has always cultivated its history and traditions which is exhibited in numerous museums and is proudly presented to its guests.
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