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Real Estate Investing Albstadt Ebingen

Real Estate Investing Albstadt Ebingen

Real Estate Investing Albstadt Ebingen

Dear real estate friends,

With Germany currently being one of the strongest economies in Europe, it comes as no surprise that it is now considered a safe haven for local and international investors in the real estate market, thus establishing a new trend.

Analysts at global real estate advisor Knight Frank finds that high net worth investors are turning their attention and interest to Germany especially in cities such as Berlin or Munich which has seen a distinct increase in the market last year.

But along with big cities comes the need for big money. Investors who have done their studies whilst looking for properties in Germany knows that there are many top locations with decent prices worthy of investment to choose from. An example is of Dresden recently overtaking Berlin’s place as being the next best thing.

Moving to the West of Germany, with high standards of living and wealth. We’re today talking about a district called

Zollernalbkreis in Baden-Württemberg


Situated between Stuttgart and Lake Constance, this district boasts some of the most scenic areas in Germany with its mountain hills, valleys and greenery. Apart from picturesque views, there are also many lovely old houses and neighbourhoods in the 10 towns of this district, opening up opportunities and interest for the real estate investors. is located in Albstadt-Ebingen, which is the biggest city in the Zollernalbkreis district with a population of around 50,000 people. Home to some of the world’s biggest business such as Groz Beckert, many global companies have also set their base here such as Mey and Gühring. It also hosts the technical and science faculties of the Albstadt-Sigmaringen University, which brings around 3000 students each year. is your real estate specialist covering all aspects one may need for the purchase or sale of properties. We specialise in the sale and rental of properties in diverse locations, sizes and pricing, giving our clients the option to choose their best fit. On top of that, we also offer property refurbishment and renovation services including fitted kitchens, new bathrooms, wall tiling and etc.

You name it- we’ll make it. 😉

With our experienced and passionate team, an honest opinion is what you can be guaranteed to find with us. We maintain a close relationship with our clients, consulting and advising on all aspects to understand their exact needs and help them achieve it. It is our mission to be there with our clients from the beginning to the end of each and every process so we can happily help you open the door to your new beginning.

Happy Investing!

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Real Estate Investing in Stuttgart, Albstadt, Lake Constance. Real Estate agent wohnraumbitzer

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Real Estate Investing Albstadt Ebingen

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