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A new Concept for the Future City

A new Concept for the Future City

A new Concept for the Future City: The Hyperloop

With great fascination, we have been following the the news over the past couple of months on the subject of Hyperloop.

Now, if you’re wondering what a Hyperloop is, then the easiest and simplest way to think about it is to compare it to the piping systems that used to be found in larger companies for shipping their mails or small items internally.

Who has brought about the hype and developed this new concept and system?

Well, no other than the current universal genius, Elon Musk.

The future of the City?

Why are we now talking about it at all?

Because the port of Hamburg in Germany is seriously considering to install this futuristic transport system.

The plan is to be able to ship containers in large numbers without the use of trucks and deliver it to the loading station, or even directly to the customers doorstep. Easier said than done, we know. 

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A new Concept for the Future City

Although the implementation would be complicated and probably take years, we find it to be a wonderful opportunity and scenario for Hamburg!

Free roads, fewer trucks and a significant rise in opportunities for city planners, or cyclists, pedestrians and children playing outside. 

And seeing as the city of Hamburg is built upon this trade, this could be a great chance to uplift Hamburg again after the Elbphilharmonie, as a city with vision, great planning and an ideal infrastructure!

Naturally, there are criticisms. But the critics need to hold on to their jobs, especially in this age of opinion. Even when often times, it all ends up being for the better. See the examples below:

– Stuttgart with the TV tower

– Paris with the Eiffel tower

– Hamburg with the Elbphilharmonie

Despite all the quibble and tension around them, the entire cityscape ended up changing for the better. And especially with the above cases- they even became a huge landmark for the city, one that we can’t even imagine the city being without anymore.

Of course, we know that re-planning and/or moving the blocks and roads for this system would not be easy. But just imagine, with the mentioned number of 4000 containers shipped through this system per day i.e. a drastic drop in the number of trucks on the streets of Hamburg, this would be outstanding for the cityscape, and in our opinion, fantastic to look at.

If you continue to look into this topic, you will also find that Lufthansa is also playing with the Hyperloop system. In this case, the travel time from Hamburg to Frankfurt am Main would be possible in just 30minutes!


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading, and here’s to a wonderful future for us all!

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A new Concept for the Future City

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A new Concept for the Future City

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